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Millions of years of geological history. Spread out on only eight kilometers in length.

In the south of South Tyrol the unassuming Bletterbach has created a unique natural monument. Inch by inch water dug several hundred meters deep through the rock. Here, as part of the UNESCO world heritage of the Dolomites, is the Grand Canyon South Tyrol - the "Bletterbachschlucht". Compared to the time periods that were needed to lift the rock formations of the depths of the sea to where they are today, this is just a blink of the eye.
But the river did a great job. Hardly anywhere else the book of earth history is as open as in the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol. The nature, plants and animals - all give itself a break. Just not one. The Bletterbach continues digging.
Unesco World Heritage Dolomites