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    The present does not know the future. Everyday life is the past and future at the same time. Hubert Schönegger followed in the footsteps of two mountain farmers: the brothers Gottfried and Hans Wieser from the “Wieserhof” in “Silvestertal”.

    Located high above where the eagle is circling, and the gentle breath of wind takes those rough traits that turn him into a storm. Old he has become, the Hans, wrinkled, and sick. But every wrinkle has its own story to tell, because of recent days, as rush was still a foreign word and the word stress had not yet found its way into the dictionary.
    And the Friedl as Gottfried has called, the younger of the two, also the stronger and healthier. In cloths, many kilos, he drags the dried grass into the barn, supplies the Cows in Stable and cooks dinner.