Natur park Puez Geisler – The history book of the earth

Rugged mountain peaks, vast plateaus, fertile alpine meadows and dark coniferous forests. This is the Puez-Geisler.

It hosts and protects a unique natural and cultural heritage and is in South Tyrol, together with the Fanes-Senes-Prague, Sesto Dolomites and the "Schlern-Rosengarten", the "Latemar" and the "Bletterbach", part of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. The unique thing about the Puez-Geisler are the turned to stone eyewitnesses dating back to the time of dinosaurs and much further. Who wants to take a look at the history of the Alps,  can read in this nature reserve as an open book. The aim is to raise awareness of this silent oasis of nature in order to maintain the south of our country, the charm of this beautiful landscape in the future.
Unesco World Heritage Dolomites

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